Monday, 29 August 2016

Aug 29 2016

1> Bias is Long it is taking support on intra day levels.
2> hmm Initial move is down. it may fail at PDL. Will resist long trades as of now. No Order flow to support trade.
3> DL created, can we expect a restest here ?
4> High created , Upper range getting created.
5> Upper range
6> CT shot trade possible , BRN will definitely resist.
7> BRN resisting.  Long Trade BOF
8> PP setup it might break range extreme. Will look to target NSBRN
9> Target reached.  It may go higher I am not interested. Done for the Day.
Meeting another DP trader today  :-))..


  1. Sir any reason for your initial bias long? as Nifty in down trend from last 2 days.

    1. Zoom out and see. NF is in a Range for last 7-8 days. It had reached bottom support

  2. Good trade shashank, i missed that trade today.

  3. Meeting another DP Trader.. Who's he?

    1. Kiran you can find him in St blog from 2014

  4. Good to see Zerodha charts :)
    BTW why don't all DP traders form a forum.. just for weekend discussions?

    1. Kite is super.. For charting

    2. ST suggested to stay away from Forms/ or anything similar to that. Would like to stay away..

    3. Hi Shashank,

      Happy to see your blog .I just came to know today only .

      I have two querries.

      1.In Morning the HTF structructure we are in range and consolidating near lower end of range.So bias is downside breakout to me. What made u to keep bias long side and avoid bpb pdl short trade?

      2.Why you avoided PP trade at 11.59 bar. it was pressure playentry . how to avoid such trades?

      Thanks and Regards


    4. Hi Bharat,
      Nice to see you.
      1> HFT Structure are not easy to break. Expect them to hold.
      Also overall we are in UPTrend
      Previous day multiple attempts were made to break which failed.
      So Kept the Bias long.

      2> a> A good PP has a BOF. (Point 8 was a PP setup with BOF before.)
      b> space At most this PP(11.59) if successful would have reached PDC (Because of very little consolidation)
      Why take such mediocre trade ?