Thursday, 18 August 2016

Aug 18

1 Trade Scratched.
Mistake: Took BO trade, considering HFT, should have scratched at +3 pts when 2 push also failed.

9:15 Initial Move is up for a  PP kind of setup . withing yesterday range will look for a BOF setup.
9:43 TST kind of setup to go short. Will let it pass. DO is 10 pts away we need a strong BOF to break the lower DP.
9:48 looks like TST failed. Its going back to DH/PDH. Not a strong move looks like it will BW there.
Waiting for BPB is a good option. Lets see.
9:51 some orderflow which is resisting up move but why ? I don't see any urgency to break the TOP.
10:16 stuck in indecision BW. Lets stay out.
10:18 Interesting looks like movement to upside. will it give a BPB trade or just move up ?
Upside space is 20 or may be less. Will make sense to take this trade only at 80 
10:19 overall looks like a mediocre trade. If a strong BOF worth attempting as space after DO is hugh. Will look for failure of this breakout. Else let go of Upside trade.
10:22 Looks like a BPB trade. At max I need to exit at 6700. which is 17 pts away from my entry. Will let go this trade. Also this BO was not set to my liking
I look for atleast 25 pts trades. Else let go.
10:30 ok BO good move. Let see what happen at BRN. Bias is UP above PDH cannot enter any trades right now. Should allow some consolidation.
10:47 It was suppose to take support on BRN why it didn't . Is it BW in making ?
11:15 BW let it play out as long as it wants
12:30 Can we act at BRN ?
13:00 Big candle , resisted at BRN ? There is no Strong rejection , Bias is up. Shall we look for a BPB trade ?
13:13 BRN is risk DP will take confirmed trades only.
13:26 OK this is PP setup will go long FTA is 10 pts away if that break we are in for 50 pts trade.
13:30 Long order triggered at 8701 stop at 8793 Target at 8750. 
13:43 rejection but took support at the DP our entry is acting is Flip will hold the trade.
13:59 looks like bulls are not finding it easy will move stop to 95. Ideally 700 flip should hold. Lets see.
14:02 hold on are we in channel ?
14:05 Scratched:

14:12 woo 30 pts fall. Why ? any news ? Didn't find any. It is a technical fall then hmm ok.

Reaccess situation:
14:26 Time left 45 min.
for down trend PP can be tried. BPB will eat up into profit.
Good trade would be reversal back to DH.
14:30 Reversal Trade will be somewhat V shape. 
14:33 Very Tricky to take trade under such circumstances. No option but to wait..
14:45 No point taking any Trade. Done for the Day.

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