Thursday, 11 August 2016


Hi Prakash hope this post answers your question

Market moves in waves. Impulsive and corrective wave.
Impulsive are Major Trend and corrective Wave are minor trend.
MSP are dynamic dp that are created because of this.

Take a look at above diagram:
1> Red Channel is impulsive wave.
2> Green Channel is corrective wave.
Overall Trend is down.

What are MSP#
Extremes where the Minor trend changes and Major Trend continues can be considered as MSP
We had 2 point from Yesterday PA which can be called as MSP.
Break of these can lead to Trend reversal . BOF of these can lead to Trend continuation.

Ideally area marked 1 should have continued with major Trend down that didn't happen.
Then it created PP set up near MSP indicating Change of Trend.
But it stopped at next MSP to continue Down Trend.

Let me know if this is clear..

Thanks To Uday for this.
I think this makes perfect sense and give more opportunities.
Majorly we trade Micro Trends. Here marked in red is Micro Trend Down then Blue is Micro Trend UP.
Change in Trend happens when Last Swing Pivot of down Trend is Broken. In this case Point 6.

Note: What is more important is to see how the PA unfolds while reaching this point.


  1. Sir,
    This means MSP is Intraday Swing High from where NF fall/rise more than 30 points.Also in EW wave as said Impulsive wave rise in 5 wave & corrective wave in 3 wave we should also look this in intraday chart.
    Overall provided post really help a lot.Keep enlightening us sir.
    In future I will keep asking such query.
    Once again very thankful to u

    1. Yes you can think like that. Not sure about points though.
      Feel free to ask question, Happy to share.

  2. Also, ur explanation on BW with yesterday NF chart excellent

  3. BW and today MSP, Concepts are getting cleared. Thumbs Up.


  4. Hi xrtrader1,

    Great posts .. Today as well as yesterday.


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  6. clear explanation on MSP. Thanks Shashank

  7. Shashank

    You found new definition for MSP.


    1. Hi Uday,
      You are more than welcome to correct. Please feel free to correct.

    2. Shashank

      This is what I have learned, understood, and practiced about MSP.