Saturday, 13 August 2016

Bi Weekly Analysis

Did 2 Mistakes one with Exit and 2nd with personal Management
Exit : Didn't Exit at 2nd Push failure, was in hoping state that this trade will go.
Stress: Missed a Major move that day. (soon after announcement). To be honest was bit frustrated.

I have return a post on Understanding the System Just to add to that
This system Expects you to be part Human / Part Machine :).
Human to get the feel
Machine for Execution. One has to do the Juggling act perfectly :).

If you look at both the errors both where psychological. 
1>Exit was Greed
2>Stress was Fear (Fear of missing another good Trade). What is funny is I was not ready to accept this even at the end of that day. Only on Second review I can Personally accept my mistake.

Goal for coming weak:
I have been working on these weakness for Quite some time. They have reduced substantial but they still exit. I know it is human to repeat mistake will not beat my self on this.
Will be aware of situations under which these psychological issue creep up.
Situation 1 When a big move is missed.
Situation 2 When Greed is playing out.
All I want to do is be aware of this nothing much. If we force too much it will backfire.

OK with Win rate and R:R ratio of > 2. That means Quality of my trades are good.
Not taking bad quality Trade.

Technical Issues:
Technically looks Like BPB is my weak area will improve on that in coming week.


  1. Hi,

    Are you using any xl or specific software for stats?



  2. Sir,

    u trade only one lot? Why not u trade in 10 -20 lot u have very sound knowledge.I am really surprised to see this

  3. Also sir in ur trade table u have not consider brokerage & taxes .How it cost per nf share

  4. While analyzing keep money away. Focus just on pts per trade.
    Brokerage is trades *2.
    I don't even care about it. Focus on taking 1:2 trades rest will be factored in

  5. sir, every thing in your write ups are very good.

    In this weekend most of us like to know your trading journey, when you came know dp trading, how was your whole journey please share, i will boost beginners confidence.