Monday, 22 August 2016

Aug 22

Took one short Trade at 10 exit at loss.

1> Opened withing yesterday range. Could see 2 ranges PDC to PDH and PDC to PDL.
IS the First candle MC?
2> Looks like IRL , Will avoid taking short Trade  Because of space.
3>Broke PDL easily
4> MSP
5> DL
6> DL rejection Will look to short from MSP as the Bias is short.
7> Nice flip forming here. Could act as support.
8> BO
9> Second Push failed. Can look to short. Few things against favor BO is MC and Flip just below. IF there is bounce from FLIP will cover the trade.
10> Short
11> Flip is holding. Lets see if it breaks. Nope pivot is broken. Will exit.
12> Bias Turned to bullish. Will look for a Trade near 12.
13> Nope It is forming Narrow range. Range broken. No More Trades.
Done for the day.

Mistake: Should have waited for the FTA reaction. Then entered.
It was not a good BOF as there was no quick rejection. 

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