Thursday, 11 August 2016

Aug 11

I didn't Trade today, was watching market though with all background music of repair work.

1> Market opened near PDC/PDL.(very near)
2> IRL ?
3>BOF of BRN
4> Space is issue. PDC/PDL very near less than 10 points better to ignore
5> Bulls dominating
6> Bulls in control
7> PP long trade
8> Exit when second attempt failed.
9> Unexpected move
10> BRN broken Bears in control. Trap/BOF Trade short
11> Rejection from Day low cover the trade.
12> Trend is still strong on downside
13> Lower lows forming potential BO trade to Bottom
14> BOF Long
15> Covered.


  1. Sir,
    Have u considered PDC/PDL as MSP?

    1. ignore that was expecting MSP to form some where there. It didn't.

  2. Sir ,
    Can u provide some detail about MSP I always struggle to define MSP during trading hour.

    1. Hi Prakash,
      Just made a post take a look hope it clears your doubt on MSP.