Thursday, 4 August 2016

Aug 4

9:20 Surprised to see such a down fall.
9:30 In business are V shape reversal let it go.
11:15 Bias is short. But strong rejection is not aligning with my set Bias.
Should wait for more clues.
11:18 Potential BW.

Possible scenarios:

1> BW might get broken to upside might give a BPB kind of setup above BRN.
2> BOF at BRN in this case we will trading into BW, not a good trade to take. Should be a Very strong BOF to go through BW.
3> BOF at the DO , considering strong rejection here and overall trend this will be good location to take trade.

11:45 BW is continuing focus and wait...
11:57 Upper range is broken will wait for pullback and see how that range holds.
oops rejection. Into BW.
Scenario 2 is playing out. Not a good Trade setup to trade into BW will let go.
12:06 Coming back into BW range.
12:11 Down move resisted. Will take long trade (BPB) above 8600. on a flip. No hurry to jump
12:24 Looks like MSP will come into Play.
Bias is long.
12:59 Loosing focus....come back....come back.....

New Possible Trades#

Trade #1 Could have been scratched bit early in hind sight. Had kept a buy order at DL. It didn't reached on second push.
Trade 2# Booked at BRN


  1. Hi Shashank,
    Wow I liked your possible trades analysis its new to me, I m very impressed.
    Are you taking direct BO of tight range or you wait for PB every time?


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    2. Hi Sunil,

      For Direct BO one needs to feel the market.
      Most of the time Direct BO gives me FOMO kind of feeling. Before taking trade I asses if this trade is because of FOMO(Fear of missing out).
      If I am convinced it is not a FOMO behavior and genuine feel of market pull the trigger.

      ST used to say a lot about feel for market, it is very crucial especially for BO trades.

    3. Thanks.
      What was the thought process behind your 2nd trade? I m waiting for BOF at DL but it doesn't happened.

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    5. 1> Look at the way it has fallen orderly pullback so CM is in picture.
      2>BPB below PDL failed to reach range low.
      3> Strong flip formed. I was in short trade price really struggled to go below.
      4> PP kind of setup went long, most of CM will bailout at 8580.

  3. Shashank
    Good write-up and trades.


  4. Thanks for such a detailed analysis. Keep posting.


  5. Shashank,

    Your second trade is excellent. Nice screen play with all your thoughts.

    Keep it up.

  6. Shashank,

    I took short at around 12 PM as BOF of RH, as BW formed BRN lost it relevance.. what was thought process in avoiding this signal?

    2nd trade is nice.. hesitated to take Stop and Reverse trade and missed rise.

    Please continue blogging.. lets win together :)

    1. Hi Rose,
      Always Trade away from BW. Never into it.
      It is not easy to cross through BW both in real life and Trading.
      Lets win together :)..