Saturday, 13 August 2016

Direct BO

Hi Sourish hope this answers your question:

Lets Understand Dynamics of BO.
Consider Long BO trade
1> First and Foremost you need exits / Stop loss Trigger
2> New Traders to fuel in the move.

Point 2 is not possible to predict but if you can predict Point 1 then you can enter Trade early and scratch if new participation is not found.

So lets focus on Point 1 (Stop loss Trigger).
Stop loss Trigger can happen 2 condition
1> Lot of consolidation has happened 1-2 hours, which has create SL order on top and bottom of the range.. Eventually one of the side will give up.
If this is the case always access the Trend and go with the Trend never take counter Trend BO.
You can also watch how the PA unfolds in the channel which gives clues
like A ascending Triangle / BOF at the other range extreme

2> PP setup near Prominent DP (MSP). Also here Stick with Trend.
Remember PP setups are very common at FAG end of the Day. Where it is BOF of DL and PP near MSP Most of the time. Like the one on 11-Aug.

3> If you are Attempting reversal Trades (Earlier post Against Trend) some time they give a PP setup after BOF.

Always take BO with Trend, Attempt BO(PP) at FAG end of the day(reversal).

BO Consolidation With Trend
BO PP Setup With Trend / Ranging (BOF,PP) Usually near DL/PDL
BO PP Setup Reversal (CM, BOF, PP) At DL.

Rest ignore...

PS: if you are learning the system Just stick with BOF you will understand Nuances of BO with Time.

Very sleepy feel free to ask if you need more clarity will add further. Such topic you can keep going for pages.


  1. Very good explanation sir, god bless you with lot of success.

    One more conformation required for me sir
    Your Aug 11 first trade,, previous day trend was strong down trend but you took direct BO at RH against the trend, what was your thought?

  2. BOF of PDC/PDL
    Dominant DP (because of MSP and RH).
    PP setup to go long
    Sufficient space for trade to go.

    1. Also what gave the first clue that is might reverse is down Trend failed to continue.
      It Was stop strongly at PDC/PDL. That meant it could be range Day.

  3. Hi,

    I have been following niftynirvana and UR Dave's for long time, I am quite impressed with you too, excellent work, keep going.

    I found out "OF" as orderflow (right?), but what about CM?


  4. Take a bow Shashank. You have cleared 80% of my doubt regarding BO. Rest, as you said will clear with time.


  5. Very Lucid & Nice Presentation.

    Thanks & Regards,