Friday, 19 August 2016

Aug 19

Expecting Range Day
1> DO acting as Range, will go short Target is DL / PDC if bounced then need to scratch.
2> Didn't move as expected will scratch this trade.
3, 4> BO of the Range. BOF of DH. Will avoid taking 2nd trade from the same DP, + BW in this range might not yield much.
5> Good momentum, ooh Brok PDC/DL didn't expected that.
6> Support at PDL, Looks to be good support.
7> Support again
8> Moving up, BOF of PDC/PDL.
9> Short  hmm Bounce will scratch this trade.
Done for the day.


  1. Shashank,

    Can Day's open (DO) be considered as one of DP ?
    If yes, Can you see a BPB of DO trade ?


    1. Hi Sourish
      Yes that was a good trade I avoided it considering reward of less than 20 pts

  2. Sir if possible write a post on When we consider CM and OF? with some examples.