Thursday, 4 May 2017

May 4 2017 (bad Trade didn't marked OF point clearly)

Took long , exited early.
1>On Initial Test Expected OF to kick in and take it higher,  Which my assumption went wrong exited. Expected BW kind of PA, but the OF was just a point above that :). --> Intellectual reason :)
Honesh answer#
2> May Be I wanted to show off how smart I am in managing trade :) not sure
3> Could be because of lapse in concentration. Late night movie effect .....
4> Fear of loosing

I think 2-4 played major role..


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the chart.
    I would like to know your view on when do we attempt to trade V shape reversals like this and when do wait for some consolidation and then attempt the reversal?


    1. I read it like this
      1> Morning shorts generated because of BOF of PDH
      2> It couldn't move much
      3> Long consolidation built lot of shorts and they got trapped at PDC(BOF).
      4> Taking long trade here was risk because of Strong flip above. Waited for prices to get accepted into above range.
      5> Once accepted due to space quality it was a grinding move to top. There could be stops above that range. Which got triggered on second push triggering move till high.

  2. Thanks for the chart Shashank. I could n't take that trade coz i was not comfortable taking BOF PDC. PDH and range low was close.Missed BOF of PDH and range low DP's.

  3. First candle was MC... we have to adjust first candle in Zerodha chart... Only trade Bof of MC/RL/PDC which moved to RH(TP)

    1. Hi Sunil, Yes that was a good trade, but at that time it would be CT + Strong flip above. Why you want to risk in uncertain market.

  4. Me also entered above strong flip.

  5. Me also entered above strong flip.

  6. Hi Shasank,

    Looking forward to your tutorial on order flow.

  7. Sir are you planning to take BPB of PDC short trade around 12:15 as all aspects supports that trade.