Monday, 22 May 2017

Lemonade series - I

We have to count our blessing more.
 If god gives you lemon, he expects you to make lemonade of it and Enjoy :).
In this series we will explore blessing we have trading and Trading Nifty in particular.

1> Our levels are very clearly defined unlike other instruments#
Was talking to a friend who trades ES(Emini S&P) US equivalent of NIFTY. He spends lot of time searching for levels. Because it is traded 24 hours.He considers overnight levels and day levels which is very confusing and many times not beneficial. Also they use volume profile, pivots ....... List goes on.

Consider Our blessing: we are blessed with market which operates for 6:15 minutes. Gives a very good work life balance.
Because of such short duration levels are very easily defined , PDH, PDL, DH, DL. It is a nightmare to find these levels in ES.

Note# I am not saying trading in ES is bad, all I want to say is we have our own advantages try to recognize them and be grateful. Gratitude is an important attitude.

What do you think are our blessing ?


  1. Yes we are very blessed to have Nifty and blessed very much to have you to help us.

    Sir what is your trading background means when you enter trading and how is your experience initially, when you introduced DP trading?

    1. Thanks Amit.
      I worked in IT profession before. Quit 3+ years back for full time trading.
      Introduced in ST system in 2012-2013. Initial journey was tough because of many mistakes I made. Things started to get smooth from 2015 onward.

  2. Yes, being grateful to what we have got is a better choice than to complain abt what we haven't.