Thursday, 18 May 2017

May 18 2017 (+43)

Trade 1#  Confluence level (BRN and PDL). Short . Covered when 2nd push showed weakness.
Trade 2# Trend is down , BPB Expected this to move very fast. It became weak on Second push covered it.


  1. Shashank,

    What if your trade not triggered? Are u having plan for bof long?

    1. Rose question not clear to me. you mean was I looking for long trades.
      Nope Bias was down, thought profit booking as come, so looked to short.

  2. Shashank, how do you save your kite chart to insert an image in the blog. i tried saving a chart but i found only Pdf format. Can you please advise how to do it in JPG,JIF or PNG format