Thursday, 11 May 2017

May 11 2017 (no Trades)

No Trades.


  1. Hi Shasank,

    Towards the closing minutes, Nifty spot broke the then LOD and its Low and Close are near PDH(yesterday high), whereas, Nifty future didn't fall below the LOD. The fluctuation in premium seems to cause this difference.Today the premium fluctuated between 9 to 25 points.

    So, tomorrow, if Nifty premium decreases by 10 points, and Nifty spot increases by a few points, we may have a tricky situation. It will look like BOF PDL in Nifty Spot and BPB PDL in Nifty Future. How do you deal with it?

    1. I have seen NS lagging or racing ahead when a good trade comes. Watch NS it will not be the way you expect tomo.
      We can discuss tomo if required.

    2. Sure, we will discuss tomorrow.
      Towards the end of today, NS was lagging.So,there is a fair chance for correction, tomorrow?


    3. Good morning, Shasank.

      Not sure, whether I have understood your views on Nifty Spot lagging or leading the Futures. But yesterday's discussion led me to go for the short without any hesitation this morning. Thanks a lot.

    4. Good Karthik,
      I meant to use NS before taking trade or after taking trade. I don't prefer making strategies out of NS behavior.