Friday, 31 March 2017

Mar 31 No good Trade setup

No Trades today..


  1. Hi,
    When prices tried to breakout of DL and failed, was the trade not taken because FTA is less than 15 points?

    1. Yes stay away if the profit is less than 20 points.
      We had BRN at less than 15 points.
      And LOL setup is probability. So wait for good setups.

  2. Today being the first narrow range inside day after a few successive up move days, what was your bias? You would have preferred LOD BOF Long or HOD BOF Short?

    1. Read how the Prices approached BRN slow Grinding UP move, there is not power to Break BRN.
      Chances are it might consolidate near 9200 for 2-3 days then give a Type 1 trend day.
      So till that time trade range extreme only.

      Best Trade was LOL at PDL, considering it was at 174 if a BOF happens we might take entry at 180 with Stop at 171-172 risk 10 points for Target of 20(BRN)