Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Mar 29 2017


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the chart.

    For the tst trade, do we enter above the marked doji? Do we take this trade because of confluence of PDH/PDC which is likely to hold? Thanks.

  2. I imagine DP line as tick marker lines.
    Took this as BOF of PDH.

    Also look at entire story , last wave of yesterday was reversal
    Trend was clearly up.
    Corrective wave awaited. it came and showed weakness take the trade.

  3. Okay now I see it. Thanks.
    I would also like to ask, is BOF of DH a valid trade or should we skip because bias is up and therefore it becomes low probability setup?

    1. I am assuming you are talking about BOF at 13:58
      Look at what happened before the BOF of DH:
      Ranges are forming one above another.(Trend is UP).
      There was a BOF below the range which cause prices to test DH(BOF). This setup is ripe for PP kind of setup so be careful.

  4. You are going in right direction
    Can you ping me in hangout, need to discuss one thing.

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