Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Mar 14 2017

1 Trade scratched.
NS BRN resisted the up move. Looking at consolidation gave some space then scratched.

PS: Will be out of station need to attend a function. Will be back on Monday. Trade Well.


  1. Hi. How many nifty lots can be use maximum without much slippage? In dp method. Thanks .

    1. You get good fill in BOF trade. Slippage is more or sometimes you don't get fill in BO trade. Need to enter bit early if the feel is good in BO trade to avoid slippage.
      Number of lots you trading shouldn't matter. Think like this when you take trade other trader also place same trade along with you.
      Always place limit orders for better fill.
      Take a look at price ladder by clicking on NF, it will show 5 level. Liquidity is quite good.

    2. By the way will post a video on number of lots getting traded in real time. That should answer your question with more granularity.

  2. Thanks looking ahead for your video

  3. Most awaited day ended as small range day. Not given much opportunities for traders.
    Thank you Shashank for the chart.