Friday, 16 September 2016

Sep 16 2016

Anticipated Type 1 day, took the initial Trade.
It crossed NSBRN quiet easily, but later it trend weakened. Actually if you look closely it gave lot of indication it might reverse. Look at image below.

Took BPB trade which moved well.
Done for the Day.

Note: On Travel will not be trading few days in next week. Will be back on wed/Thursday.

Trade well. Need to catch Train bye..


  1. Thanks Shashank. Great day !!
    Yes, it gave a lot of indication that this uptrend may reverse.
    Unfortunately, took one of the longs which failed. And then, I was not quick enough to take short :)

  2. Me too missed short was waiting of proper break of that impulsive range. but it didnt gave chance.

  3. Thank you very much for the detailed second chart



  4. Hi Shashank,On your fist trade, Prices are gaped up and moved 50 plus points from its previous close. Didn't you felt there might be pull back or reversal before prices going to next up move.

  5. I had this in my mind and i could not take the first trade.

  6. Hi Kiran,
    Don't look concepts in isolation. Previous days PA indicated pressure being built in narrow range. So we were waiting for Break to occur.
    This break happened with nice momentum waited for pause and entered long. Had this reversed would have taken the SL of 8-10 pts.
    But entire context said it will go up, and if it turns out to be type 1 day will get 1:7-10 times return. with such R:R even if right 40% of the times we will end up with profit.