Friday, 30 September 2016

Quick Vote on Order Placments

How many of you are finding it hard to place limit orders ?
Currently None of the Trading platforms have limit order facility. And in DP system it is a must to place limit order for 2 Reasons:
1> Limit order have higher priority so they get better fill
2> Avoid slippages.

Please leave a comment.


  1. What ?? None of the platforms have limit order facility ??

    My platform always had limit order facility. I have trading account with two brokers and
    Both have limit order facility and from the very beginning.

    Yours don't have one? This is a surprise to me!

    1. I meant placing limit order in one click. Currently we need to type in trigger and entry limit manually.
      Which is cause typo error

    2. I can help in this regard.
      In there is thread by the name 'OrderMan - Ordering interface for NOW'.
      Download the OrderMan app from there. Its written by a guy named TraderBullet in programing language AutoHotKey.

      I have been using it for last 4-5 months. It's excellent.
      However, in the beginning you may face some difficulty in setting it up.
      But once you get used to it, you will also become fan of it.

      Download it and then if you face any difficulty, pm me.

      It works for both NOW and Nest.

    3. Thanks Sunil will take a look at it

  2. Zerodha Kite has very user friendly interface. Have a try.

    1. Hi dinil Kite is good problem is with multiple contracts enter contract, trigger price and price can cause typo error

  3. Hi Shashank,
    Some time me also facing problem with it, one more big problem is now my trading size is 4 lots, some times unconsciously I enter only one lots, otherwise I enter with 4 lots but at the time of stop placement I put only 1 lot.
    Is there any way to default 4/5/6 lots order in any terminal or every where we manually change it.

    1. With Nest you can define default contract.
      Not possible in kite

  4. Hi Sunil, I can find it in zerodha PI -->View--> user settings --> order window --> order qty( in lots).