Thursday, 6 April 2017

Apr 4 2017 + Importance of NS levels

Didn't find any suitable setups No trades.
Didn't take the BOF at 12:00 R:R was not enticing.

Hope reader will find this video helpful.


  1. Shasank, thanks for yet another informative video.

  2. Hi sir,
    ST sir used to take lot of trades at Initial range and Range middle so aggressively... If we have a scratch mindset then we also try to take trades is it right?

    Through some words regarding ST aggressive trades.

    1. Yes Amith you are right, Trading Initial ranges requires very good Trade management skills.
      Its other way round also , IR trading gives a good exposure to Trade management. We need to see that we are not proven right and exit. Not to wait for market to proves us wrong.
      This mindset is hard to get.
      With enough screen time we should reach it.

  3. Nicely explained Shashank.