Wednesday, 5 October 2016

On Travel will be Back after 2 Weeks.

Will Be travelling see you after 2 weeks.


  1. Hi sir i think every thing is fine there.

    If possible post charts at least once/twice in a week, it helps a lot for beginners like me.

    ST sir helped you, experts like you should help us.


    1. Hi Amith,
      Have changed lot size. Hence reducing all activities that add stress. Will be back when comfortable.

  2. Thanks for the replay, all the best..

    At least write any new things on dp articles on weekends, if time permits.


  3. Hows he trading going.? Why not resume your blogging I am your Long time well wisher , already when u come back

  4. Sir please start blogging, it helps lot of aspiring traders who try to trade for living like me.... You can hide your comment section which disturbs you like AKS did..

    Just post your chart only we don't need any thought process, we need just trades to match our trades..

    Or fix some amt per month to access your blog which may encourage you to blogging, i am ready to pay money for your charts.

    Please do needful to me.

    From : Humble trader and your well wisher.